Rodrigo De Luna Lara

Data specialist with professional and consulting experience in Data Science and Data Engineering across different industries.
Machine Learning and Data Science instructor.
Tech enthusiast and avid programmer.


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Data Engineer


Data engineering consultant

Company Solutions
Consultant for the marketing data team, developing pipelines and 3rd party integrations.
  • API Integration with Pinterest (ad performance and spend data).
  • API Integration with AppsFlyer (in-app events and install data).
  • Provisioning of Google Cloud resources for data ingestion and processing using Terraform.
  • Development of integrations to push data into BigQuery from distinct sources.
  • July 2021 - Present

    Data Engineer

     Apex Systems

    Data engineering tech lead supporting AT&T:

    Company Solutions
    Provided data engineering support for the Engineering teams in charge of analysing ticketing data.
  • Development of PySpark scripts for hardware fault analysis.
  • Creation of geospatial functions for asset clustering (new distance metrics for clustering).
  • Development string processing scripts using NLP techniques for data validation and consolidation.
  • Analysis and extraction of log data from raw text using Regular Expressions.
  • February 2021 - July 2021

    Data Scientist

     GE Aviation

    Supported internal GE Aviation teams in data engineering, data science and scripting solutions:

  • Python based executable for ACARS parsing from encoded data based on templates.
  • Python wrapper for querying data from the Engine Management System (EMS) platform.
  • Solution to process supply chain data and automatically create XLSX reports for end users.
  • Developed Proof of Concept for EMS and AirVault integrations alongside key commercial and executive stakeholders.

  • I had these additional roles in the team:

  • Quality Management System representative and internal auditor.
  • Data Science coding standards evangelist.
  • Innovation specialist.

  • Additionally provided consulting services to these customers:

    Company Solution
    Supported a GE-AAL collaboration to analyze Minimum Maintenance Requirements (MMR) constraints
  • Worked alongside scheduling and maintenance SMEs to analyze MMR for the narrow body fleet.
  • Created insights to help the team visualize effect of maintenance scheduling on quality.
  • Presented the analysis to American Airlines executives.
  • Developed a Python script to extract fault codes from aircraft maintenance manuals automatically.
  • Created a dashboard to allow visualization of fault code trends through time.
  • Carried out a discovery session to help the airline identify digitalization opportunities alongside a UX specialist.
    Designed and delivered a Python training for reliability engineers, covering basic aspects of Python programming and data analysis.
    Supported an initiative to identify savings opportunities related to aircraft maintenance from reliability data.
  • Developed a Python solution to process XMLs based on ATA Spec 2000 and produce tabular data.
  • Automated insight discovery using reliability engineering techniques based on the parsed maintenance data.
  • Identified a specific component resulting in high maintenance costs which represented potential savings of millions of dollars.
  • Developed a data engineering and machine learning process to analyze SO2 spikes in a chemical plant.
  • Created Python scripts for data merging, cleaning and preparation.
  • Carried out statistical analysis of operation parameters with respect to rises in SO2.
  • Identified opportunities for development of data engineering insfrastructure to simplify analysis.
  • October 2018 - February 2021

    Data Scientist

     GE Oil & Gas

    Data scientist for the Turbomachinery and Power Solutions team

  • Lead developer for Heavy Duty turbine fleet-wide monitoring algorithms using Data Science solutions in Python.
  • Developed an analytic for Filter Change Recommendation
  • Development of data-driven and productivity enhancement tools.
  • Development of data visualization for machine learning algorithms.

  • Inventor/co-inventor in 6 Invention Disclosures, 2 of which are Trade Secrets, related to algorithms for monitoring turbomachinery.

    June 2017 - July 2018

    Analytics Engineer

     GE Power
  • Alumni of the Edison Engineering Development Program (EEDP) for GE Power
  • Completed Advanced Courses in Engineering (ACE) - related to operation of Turbomachinery for power generation
  • Had two one-year rotations in the Performance and Analytics team for Power generation services:
  • Provided performance monitoring services for Latam customers
  • Provided supporting analysis for conversion, modifications and upgrades (CM&U) proposals
  • Supported development of algorithms for power trending
  • March 2015 - June 2017

    Software Development Intern

     GE Power
  • Supported web development for an employee performance management system
  • Participated and won the Lean Challenge with a project identifying fleet-wide opportunities for upgrades
  • July 2014 - March 2015


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     Georgia Tech

    Master of Science
    Computer Science - Specialization in Interactive Intelligence

    GPA: 4.00

  • Attended courses on Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Developed a course on data visualization fundamentals
  • 2016 - 2021

     Tecnol├│gico de Monterrey

    Bachelor of Science
    Mechatronics Engineering

    GPA: 3.95

  • Developed voice-based controls for Mabe stoves
  • Developed practice manuals for an ABB IRB 4000 series robot
  • Restored function to a manufacturing cell that used Siemens PLCs with Step7
  • 2010 - 2014


    Programming Languages & Tools
    Other Skills
    • Machine Learning
    • Supervised/Unsupervised Learning
    • Natural Language Processing
    • ML Model Operationalization
    • Data Analysis (Exploratory Data Analysis)
    • Visual Driven Insight Discovery
    • Visual Analytics
    • On-prem & Cloud Data Engineering
    • RESTful API Integrations
    • SQL Scripting
    • Design of Data Processing Pipelines
    • Scripting
    • Library Development
    • Self-contained Applicaitons
    • Data-driven Storytelling
    • Agile Development & Scrum
    • Quality
    • Six Sigma
    • Lean in Software Development
    • Quality Management Systems


    I'm a Star Wars and Avatar: The Last Airbender fan. I also collect Lego Star Wars starfighters.

    I have 3 dogs named Obi Wan, Padme and Katara.

    I enjoy playing videogames on my free time .

    I enjoy cooking any kind of cuisine, as well as fine dining and food tourism.

    I also like traveling .


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    • Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer
    • Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist
    • Analytics Certified Engineer
    • Edison Engineering Development Program
    • Power Plant Fundamentals
    • Control System Fundamentals
    • Advanced Courses in Engineering
    • Green Belt in Six Sigma


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    • Emerging Engineer Award
    • Digital Engineering Excellence
    • Innovation That Inspires Others
    • CENEVAL National Prize
    • Magna Cum Laude
    • Social Service Award
    • Student Development Award
    • High Academic Performance (Dean's List)
    • Diploma in Management Skills